Almenn verkefni 2023

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Winter Road intelligence Provision WRIP

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The project will help decision makers and stake holders at national road administrations, deciding how their road weather and winter maintenance systems should evolve.

The project will also help decision makers to identify new technologies, with a potential to change the current practice in road weather information systems (RWIS).

While the sensors, communication protocols and user interface has improved, less attention has been given to the question of in what extent road weather stations should be used and how new technology such as remote sensing, small IOT-sensors, floating car data, mobile sensors will change how stationary road weather stations should be installed and designed.

Tilgangur og markmið:


The project will work within following domain structure:

  • Data collection
  • Data processing
  • Forecast/prognosis
  • Data consumption

Main goals:

  • Better possibilities for standardized, active and open services providing road state on network level.
  • Better understanding for and better possibilities to merge content from new sources (as IOT, FCD etc.).
  • Better possibility to provide information to consumers, as forecast companies and Maintenance Decision Support Systems (MDSS). As well as Traffic information.
  • Facilitate deployment and further development of services.

The project is also expected to answer questions such as:

  • What techniques/technologies can be used to supplement, or to some extent replace, today's road weather stations? It concern both cars and mobile systems.
  • Should RWIS-stations be equipped differently in the future? Maybe the stations will measure more, fewer, or other variables.
  • Can simpler RWIS-stations, with fewer measurement variables achieve a better picture of the road weather?